green skills will build our future.

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Committed to closing the green skills gap

We unite seasoned professionals and enterprising youth in a symphony of sustainable collaboration, sparking new thinking, removing traditional blind spots and future proofing enterprises.

Springboard Futures isn't about today; it's about building an inspiring platform for the architects of tomorrow.

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the climate is changing, we need to do the same

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of skills profiles are changing — green skills are increasingly among the newly added

1 IN 8

of workers has one or more green skills—we are far from the green skills penetration that we need


is the number of green jobs U.K. government intend to drive creation of by 2030

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Sustainability focused L&D for future skills; inline with a changing climate across sectors and business operations

investing in our future

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for every employee up-skilled


young people are inspired

young people

Skills development for young people between 14 - 21 years; to support green career opportunities

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sustainable development

Springing diversity of thought, new innovations and collaboration into your business

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how it works

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YOUR sustainability journey

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learn with (and from) YOUNG PEOPLE

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collaborate for a sustainable and inclusive future

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We deliver

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Employee Gets a Certificate of Achievement, Businesspeople with
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Springboard Futures delivers learning modules to your employees and young people, together. These have been developed in-line with green skills gap, UN SDGs and UK Gov Net Zero targets.

We partner your business with local young people, for up-to a 12 week engagement. Delivering in-person and virtual workshops; venues can vary from office, school and site to drive innovative thoughts and ideas.

Define what sustainable development means to your business, via a 10-point action plan; whilst inspiring the younger generation.

our impact and success...

"Working with the Springboard Futures team offered us fresh insight into real-life challenges around inclusivity and social impact.

The students gave us as much inspiration as we hope we gave to them. They developed their presentation skills and challenged my team on our strategy and approach. We look forward to the next time"

Juliet Slot, Chief Commercial Officer, Arsenal F.C

“All I can say is “wow”. We went into this experience knowing we would inspire the students, however we have come away feeling super inspired and nothing but impressed with the insights and diveristy of thought provided by the young people. If I could hire some, I would!

Springboard Futures as a platform allowed us to engage with gen-z, understanding their thought processes and drivers. This has supported developing a new sales strategy and product posititioning within new markets”

Jordan Barry, head of business development , adobe

"We were blown away by the responses we got. One group suggested a specific charging tariff for those in shared accommodation who aren't able to get a home charger. Another used market data and overlaid this with the existing charging infrastructure to propose potential new areas to put public charging.

No limits from the young people’s thinking! It's a fantastic idea and I promise you will take an idea back with you that you wouldn't have thought of."

Euan Moir, UK Regional Director , Shell Recharge

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Passionate about a sustainable, inclusive and equitable future

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Lora Schellenberg


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Andy Billing

Projects lead

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pAUL mampilli

impact lead

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